Getting Setup Setup Checklist

Once you have chosen your payment plan and made your initial payment, we get you setup. Here's what we need.
  1. Company Logo
  2. Review Request Email Content
  3. Appointment Reminder Email Content (If Included)
  4. SMTP Account

We create a subdomain for your business, i.e. This is where you login to use your customized software suite.

We setup a database table for all of your contacts, this makes it possible for you to export your contacts and keeps your customer list separate from our other clients.

We setup your branded subdomain with your email sending information, your standard email content, which you can personalize for each customer as you create review requests and appointment reminders, and your company login to use your branded subdomain.

Lastly, we incorporate your verified listing URLs which you will be sending customers to when they leave reviews.

By using an SMTP account for your business, the emails we create come from your domain/business instead of And SMTP Account consists of:

  • Outgoing server name (i.e.
  • Email Address we are sending from (i.e.
  • Username (usually the email address)
  • Password

This enables customers to reply directly to you if they need to and brands the emails we send with your domain name.

When you create a review request, we save a record of the customer's contact information as well as the listing URL you requested they review. In the email we send the customer, when they click the "Write a Review" button, we track that they clicked the button to go to the listing URL.

Our next major upgrade will add statistics to your dashboard showing the number of reviews you requested, along with which listing URLs are being selected and what percentage of customers are clicking the "Write a Review" link.

With Listing Assist, we help you setup or claim and verify your business listings on major business listing websites list Google+/Places, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, MerchantCircle, Manta and others.

We make sure that your business listings are accurate, properly filled out and ready to receive reviews. Simply making the listings consistent and accurate will help improve your rankings and as you acquire reviews to your verified listings, your rankings climb dramatically!

We have 2 levels of Listing Assist Service.

  1. Basic We claim and help you verify Google, Bing Places, Yahoo Local and Yelp
  2. Extended Includes, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and up to 4 more local business listing websites or doctor review directories.