About It's Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to CustomerTou.ch

This is our Suite of Tools designed to help businesses, individuals and organizations succeed online.

We are launched with our primary feature to enable you to Request Reviews in an effective manner.

Each Review Request is tracked and saved, building contact lists and opening up new marketing opportunities with every use.

Ryan Turner Co-Owner

With a decade of consulting experience, we had been answering questions regarding features of CustomerTou.ch to businesses nationwide for years. CustomerTou.ch is one of the results of this experience.

Cornel Boudria Co-Owner

As the primary technology and programming leader on CustomerTou.ch, Cornel is in touch with everything we have made available to date, and where we intend to extend the suite in the future.

Naz Owner, Powerphrase

Naz has served businesses nationwide since 2001, and promotes CustomerTou.ch Solutions to PowerPhrase customers on the West Coast.